In order to support the various activities which range from EO/IR/RF collections to Systems
Engineering to System Design and Fabrication, M&M Aviation has developed multiple
specialized in-house and collaborative capabilities with other vendors to ensure the best
possible support can be provided to the end user.

Our software group is matrixed across the areas that we do business in to provide modeling and
simulation, algorithm development, sensor/system interface, and end-to-end application support.
MATLAB and OCTAVE are most often used for data reduction, algorithm development, and
analysis support in the R&D and 6.2 areas.  C/C++ are used to provide operational capability
on future combat platforms after functionality is proven in the integrated collaborative
engineering areas.  

For high-performance computing on FPGA platforms, a variety of methods are used in creating
VHDL to be used on the Xilinx Vertex family parts.  This allows excellent flexibility to meet
real-time needs in adaptive image processing, non-linear Baysian classifiers, and morphological
neural-networks.  M&M Aviation's proven ability to take user needs and create unique fieldable
solutions in the software regime is unmatched.

M&M Aviation does support hardware fabrication for laboratory and aircraft sensor development
with an in-house machine shop, but uses preferred vendors for most production operations.
There is also an on-site casting area where specialized casting of aluminum or brass items may
be done for short run applications.  All flight hardware can be certified via a FAA 337 or STC
if desired.

For a look at some of the papers that have been presented at various conferences that outline
the products that have been delivered, please click here.
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